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Whether you’re an insurance management veteran looking for a fresh perspective or gearing up to become the next great executive, this book’s for you.



"You don’t want to run a me-too company.

Striving for the gold medal, the number-one spot, should be your ambition. Always."


The best advice you can get is from someone who has been through the industry in different product lines, numerous countries, and multi-national as well as start-up company environments.


Enter The Insurance Management Playbook, filled with common sense wisdom and advice, learned through more than fifteen years of international experience. This helpful handbook covers it all from superior customer and claims service to situational leadership, finance, investing, and budgeting, to the tough world of start-ups and M&A. Through personal anecdotes and a distinctive sense of humor, the Playbook explores the good, bad, and ugly aspects of the insurance industry, encouraging a better and more efficient and profitable future to come.


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Shane Doyle

CEO and Group Chief Underwriting Officer, Dual International

"I know no better person I would want standing beside me when the chips are down and that is why Maroun remains one of my closest advisors. He is passionate about what he does and how he delivers it. You can feel that passion in the Playbook. I have been in the Insurance market for 25 years and have known Maroun for 15 of them as a reinsurer, colleague, entrepreneur, and most critically as a friend. There are many pitfalls to running an insurance operation and Maroun has experienced and dealt with most of them."



Jean-Christophe Tessier

Head of FINPRO, Marsh France

"The content delivers the title! Comprehensive, high-level, and grounded in real-life experience. The author also passes the double challenge of making a management and an insurance book informative and fun to read."



Iain Howie

Insurance Executive

"It's refreshing to read a book that moves beyond the theory to give an insider's view of just what is involved in managing an insurance operation. Maroun's experience in the industry allows him to use real-life situations to illustrate his points and ideas making them not only relevant and practical, but also much easier for the reader to recognise and apply to their own specific circumstances."



Marco Royer

Reinsurance Broker, SVP

“Who would have thought that reading a book on insurance management would be entertaining! The author has completed with success the formidable task of outlining all the critical elements of a successful insurance operation. If you thought that insurance was not rocket science, I would strongly urge potential readers to take a few hours and read this playbook as our industry is becoming ever more complex but filled with future opportunities. It will be a truly wise use of your precious business time!”



Sam Sheldon

Partner, Am Law 100 law firm

“As an industry outsider, Maroun’s book gave me great insight into the inner workings of an insurance business. Informative, provocative, entertaining, and well-organized, the Playbook is a must read for anyone who wants a crash course on insurance management.”



Antoine Combarel

Managing Director at Arch Reinsurance Europe Underwriting Limited

"I have been waiting for quite a while for an insurance book that is worth reading and actually finishing. My wait is now over!  


The Playbook is useful to existing and aspiring managers who want to get an eagle's eye view of our industry and have an understanding of what works well and how to fix what is dysfunctional.


After a first read, which went like a fun and good fiction book thanks to the real-life examples Mr. Mourad shares, I decided to add the Playbook to my Amex card and Swiss army knife as items I do not leave home without! As a practicing insurance executive, I use the Playbook as a reference to what I need to do and must avoid when faced with quite a broad range of situations.


Mr. Mourad makes his case and conclusions all the more compelling by going through real life experiences, including a few that I witnessed myself, focusing on managerial conundrums and suggesting practical solutions. The case studies and scenarios he discusses are very likely to recur in some shape and form to most managers in our industry. This is when Mr. Mourad's experience will come in handy and provide valuable guidance.


This book will appeal to insurance and wider financial services industry managers in fast-paced, start-up, and entrepreneurial environments as well as executives in larger steady-state organizations. It will facilitate deeper employee engagement, more accountability, and higher probability of delivering sustainable and profitable growth."


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