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Leading to Win in Insurance


The insurance industry accounts for nearly 7% of the global economy and yet there is a scarcity of books written for the senior insurance professional. Enter The Insurance management Playbook to help you:


> Position claims as your front office

> Understand and serve your customers better

> Manage your business more efficiently

> Drive higher and sustainable returns

> Attract and retain superior staff

> Budget and execute with laser-precision

> Launch start-ups on time and budget

> Execute M&A deals successfully

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A Must Read for Insurance Leaders!

Maroun Mourad is an insurance executive with track records in mature and emerging markets. Growing businesses fast and profitably, building start-ups, and closing and integrating M&A deals successfully, he is always laser-focused on delivering results. In the Playbook, he shares the secrets of his successes, his mistakes and learnings and how, in a few simple steps, you can win too . . .

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