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Introduction to The Insurance Management Playbook

Hello and welcome to my first blog. I am sometimes met with a few seconds of blank stares when I tell people at cocktail parties that I took a sabbatical after a 15-year career in insurance and reinsurance and wrote, well, a management book about the business. I guess writing a book about insurance isn't everyone's cup of tea!

My objective today is to briefly introduce my book (the why, the what, and the what next) and give you a roadmap for future blogs. I look forward to connecting with you.

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The Why?

My motivation to write the book is two-fold:

Frustration: It stems from my frustration while searching for published work on how to manage an insurance business, department, or situation and not finding a single one out there. The bulk of insurance-related literature is very product- and junior-level focused. Most of my industry learnings amounted to baptisms by fire. I wanted to help change that.

Talent: I was also driven by a desire to attract more diverse talent to our industry. Sadly, insurance isn’t even in the top-ten career choices for MBA graduates. Furthermore, the percentage of women in insurance at managerial and executive levels, even in mature markets, is depressingly low. So is the number of indigenous professionals in emerging markets like the Gulf Cooperation Council states and parts of Asia, especially at senior and C-suite levels. I would like this book to inspire and encourage up-and-coming managerial talent to commit pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, write more about the business and encourage others to join our ranks.

The What?

The insurance industry accounts for nearly 7% of the global GDP and yet there is a scarcity of books written for the senior insurance professional. Enter The Insurance Management Playbook to help you:

> Position claims as your front office

> Understand and serve your customers better

> Manage your business more efficiently

> Drive higher and sustainable returns

> Attract and retain superior staff

> Budget and execute with laser-precision

> Launch start-ups on time and budget

> Execute M&A deals successfully

I will share with you life and professional lessons learned from my experience spanning multiple countries and regions: The United States, United Kingdom, France and other Continental European countries, Dubai and the wider Middle East. The learnings are drawn from a multitude of companies, both regional and multinational: Gen Re (a Berkshire Hathaway company), AIG, Gulf Re (an Arch Re affiliate), Chedid Capital Holding, and Zurich Insurance Group. My experience also comprises businesses in different operational stages: Business-as-usual, shrinking, accelerated-growth, start-ups, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and their subsequent integration.

What Next?

I will be publishing weekly blogs. The topics will follow the Table of Contents structure of the book, highlighting the chapters' main takeaways.

I would like to invite you to participate in the open debate by contributing your own thoughts to encourage a better and more efficient and profitable future to come. Stay tuned!


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